The Fighting Art of Maenpo

A brief biography of Rizki Joko Sukmono

Rizki was born on November 02, 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Since he was 10 years old. Rizki learn martial arts combination of Banten in West Java and East Java silat. Rizki also often follow Silat Championships in Jakarta.

He further deepen knowledge flows Silat Maenpo Raden Abad Cianjur from West Java, who was trained by a teacher named Utay Moctar Kadupandak Cianjur of West Java village. In 1990 he moved to Jember in East Java, where he also developed the science of martial arts Maenpo in eastern Java.

Rizki also started his profession as a writer and researcher on Maenpo martial arts, he is also a famous meditation teacher by the name of MSB (Meditate Stimulate Brain Function) Training. And until now he still continues to develop. Today in East Java, he was renowned as a martial art teacher Maenpo, which his students are scattered throughout Indonesia and several countries.

The term word maenpo
While the other terms in Sundanese, especially martial arts Cianjur area known as maenpo, although this term is not recognized sepesat development of martial arts and still less familiar in the ears to hear the people of Indonesia.

And the person who popularized the term brings with it the community Cianjur maenpo Raden Haji Ibrahim is known as the founder of Jayaperbata Cikalong. Maenpo there own sense of the word that translates into two words made up and separated the writing that is maen (permaenan) and po (poho) which means forgotten.

There was also the opinion that writing a single word that is maenpo. Maenpo said there is also an acronym for the word maen somebody making euweuh tempo in popularized by Raden Haji Tarmidi (nephew of Raden Haji Ibrahim Jayaperbata). This acronym describes maenpo as a martial art patterns and techniques that have a very quick game that does not give you a grace period and an opportunity to move to the opponent at hand.

Meanwhile, according to the late H. Utay Mochtar (Master Ds Maenpo origin. Kadupandak Cianjur) Disciples of Raden Sirod Ages, is Maen Pa 'or Main / Games 4 Flow (Mbah Kair Bogor, Kari, Madi & Syahbandar).

In maenpo own movements both in attack and in the hold or contain the opponent's attacks, many take advantage of a narrow slit that can complicate the movement and position of the opponent. There is also a linking word po as the uptake of the Chinese language meaning fist / punch. This is understandable because the teachers Raden Haji Ibrahim Jayaperbata lived in Batavia where possible influence the use of Chinese language term uptake and many became part of everyday language of the Betawi people who then carry a maenpo use of the word as a term to the vocabulary in the language. Betawi people still use and are familiar with the term as a synonym maen punch martial arts up until now.

Maenpo is Empty Hand Martial Arts Native Indonesia [Hands Become Feet, because it uses only second-hand dexterity] that relies on concentration, breathing, speed and accuracy. Maenpo practice will bring positive impact to bring the feel of calmness, clarity, and alertness themselves. We'll get a stimulus (stimulus) that makes the controls on our consciousness. Maenpo put our attention on the highest focus and converge.

Kick names MAENPO '(27 Kick-purpose Kick Genesis and 3).
1. Susun
2. Sambut Luar
3. Sambut Luar Pepeuhan
4. Opat Pasagi
5. Lima Labuhan
6. Pasangan Peupeuhan
7. Tumpangan Peupeuhan
8. Pasangan Labuhan
9. Tumpangan Labuhan
10. Parieusan
11. Peunggasan
12. Peunggasan Kuit
13. Potongan Siku
14. Teken Jihad
15. Malik Jihad
16. Parieusan Pura-pura
17. Kocet
18. Potongan Labuhan
19. Lima Peupeuhan
20. Serut
21. KARI
22. MADI
23. Juru Tilu
24. Sabandar
25. Gicel
26. Sambut Jero
27. Ringkeusan Pura-pura
28. Maksud Lempeng
29. Maksud Serong
30. Main Hiji

Maenpo a Martial Art which has its own distinctive, unique and easily learned by all walks of life and age, because it does not use harsh physical and tiring too, just rely on the movement of both hands just a way to train forward and backward only. Very practical and powerful without the use of force produces a remarkable self-defense by returning a result of attrition dings, and even dropping the throw. Even help to improve brain memory concentration affecting alertness and reflexes on the motor, so that the children are very helpful in increasing concentrations, emoisonal intelligence (creativity) and physical endurance, while the adults can help in the psychological and physiological such as: trained muscle and bone, is not easily forgotten, Self-Control, Confidence and Increased Stamina is implicit in the Sports erobic without a very heavy movement.

Maenpo stance that must be mastered, there are as many as 30 Kick. In our experience has been in providing learning apilikasikan Maenpo science is as much as 10 times - 15 times the meeting, the participants are able to master Kick and Its Application ".

Training is required in Private MAENPO there are 2 kind.

1. Face to face
Participants can be trained for 10 - 15 sessions (Meeting Every Time 1.5 Hours). Usually from outside the region or abroad to learn our place for 10-15 days.

With the development of communications technology and now, nothing is impossible, anyone interested in learning Maenpo online or distance remains we serve, but the practicality of it, still has a weakness for studying the course modules and Video, students will understand and study Maenpo less maximum. But because of the rush and curiosity of each prospective participant Maenpo, we strive to provide recognition and learning in online services. And many of the students' curiosity and finally ONLINE been to our place. The ideal learning Maenpo remain perfect in the hands meet directly with the expert or teacher Maenpo. Prove MAENPO moves awesomeness!

Family Martial Arts Tradisional MAENPO INDONESIA
Rizki Joko Sukmono

Jl. Langsep V/66 Jember East Java INDONESIA

HP. (62) 81217898935

We are also ready to train in private where you are or where you come to us. We can also send VCD Martial Arts Maenpo.

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